How NextPay is Solving the Digital Banking Problem of Growing Businesses

December 1, 2021
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NextPay Editorial Team

Businesses are growing, thanks to digital banking

Finance management is arguably the most crucial aspect of running a business, big or small: There’s the matter of collecting payments, paying your workers, and monitoring your sales. The problem is, doing this can be difficult for growing businesses. Traditional banking often sets requirements, and conditions are often inaccessible and intimidating—not to mention, inconvenient, what with the lengthy setup and high maintaining balance fees.

Thankfully, digital banking solutions proved to be a helpful innovation for starting and growing businesses, especially in the Philippines. With services that go beyond the usual features of traditional banks and e-wallets, NextPay is helping growing businesses manage their finances more efficiently. 

Tired of the same banking problems? Grow your business by going digital!

NextPay addresses the core of the problem

Visionaries Don Pansacola and Aldrich Tan believed the Philippines deserved better financial experience. They wanted to provide Filipinos (of which a large percentage remain unbanked) access to the right financial tools, enabling them to manage their funds with ease. 

In a Rappler podcast, they shared that the problem was not a lack of financial literacy, but of the right resources in order to come up with the best ways to save and manage one’s money.

Initially set out to launch a digital banking solution made for personal use, Pansacola and Tan later decided to focus on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)—the backbone of the economy—and address key problems that traditional banks do not entertain. 

The lack of financial literacy isn't the problem that digital banking wants to address, but rather the lack of access to ample resources. Today, growing businesses are granted this access, thanks to the likes of NextPay.

How we are solving this problem

A technological innovation geared towards helping business owners, NextPay’s extensive features merge what you typically get from your standard e-wallet and corporate bank. But what exactly is in store for you?

Our platform is perfect for anyone, professional or novice.

Business banking doesn’t have to be a hassle—and with NextPay, it never will be. That’s always been the NextPay promise, so how do we make sure our platform lives by this? We have kick-ass UX designers on the team who ensure a hassle-free digital banking experience, whether you’re a professional user or a beginner. Rest assured you’re in good hands!

Though multifunctional, we make sure our platform remains accessible and easy to use to let you manage your funds conveniently. Forget the usual worries of expensive fees and time-consuming processes. NextPay enables you to handle every aspect of your finances online—no more sudden bank runs just to fulfill a transaction. 

With NextPay, easily manage your cash flow with trackable invoices.

Collecting payments from customers can be a real chore, especially if you’re a freelancer. You have to properly keep track of what goes in, to make sure no client misses their payments due. NextPay has you covered: With our trackable e-invoices, you bill clients for your services conveniently. Plus, you get a real-time update on their payment status. 

If you’re looking for a previously filed invoice, there’s no more need to scour through hundreds of papers. Just type in the necessary details to find it in our archive—feel free to download them, as well. 

Forget the everyday hassle of traditional banking! By going digital, growing businesses can make finance management more convenient.

Make salary disbursements easier with our efficient payroll system and batch payments.

Many owners of growing businesses take a long time doing their payroll. This will likely lead to delays with salary disbursements. Avoid keeping your employees unhappily waiting, and opt for NextPay’s solution. With our digital banking platform, you only have to input your team’s information once, and we’ll keep it in your directory to hasten the payroll process in the months to come.

We also make salary disbursement easier for you by providing an option to send them by batch. You can send money to any payment channel, not having to force your staff to open up a bank account that’s similar to yours. 

We have trustworthy tracking analytics and a security system in place.

Monitor your funds without having to visit the bank or an ATM machine. Instead, you can track each peso using NextPay’s analytics. The platform also sends real-time notifications of recent transactions, so users can rest easy knowing they’re up-to-date about their cash flow. 

All these services are provided for everyone to enjoy—freelancers, MSMEs, professionals, and yes, even big businesses! Having a reliable digital banking solution can enable growing businesses to focus on other important aspects of their operations. Plus, it provides convenience for their team and clients—two factors that can give them leverage over their competition. 

Excited to try digital banking? Let us help your business grow!

Let us help you grow

While trusted by many, traditional banks never fully managed to win over the majority of Filipinos as evidenced by the large percentage that is still unbanked today. This served as an opportunity for digital banking solutions like NextPay: By providing tools that will make things faster and easier for users, we may finally change the course, especially for growing businesses

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