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Track your financial data, get reports, and analyze cash flow — all in one dashboard!
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Woman examining recent transactions and total funds. The "Download new report" button is also shown
Payslips and Reports

See everything you need to do

Transaction tables

A handy breakdown of all your transactions, past and present.


Download-friendly reports (in PDF and CSV) of disbursements, payslips and transfers.


See your available funds at a glance.
Business directory showing different employees, customers, and suppliers and notes for each

Keep track of all your customer, employee and supplier details so you don’t have to enter them manually


Securely store names, contact details, and preferred receiving options.


Easy payroll disbursement by storing data like employee position, contact details, employee IDs and their preferred receiving option.


One-click access to your suppliers. Export payment record and import supplier lists by batch.
Manage roles screen showing user being assigned to either Administrator, Manager, or Disbursement Authorizer roles

Assign different levels of access to members of your team

Access Management Control

Create and delegate to save time by assigning administrators, managers and disbursement authorizers.

More features to manage your business on Easy Mode

Easy Set-Up

Get your business up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Zero Code Needed

Run your business from just one dashboard

You Grow, We Grow

Unlock higher transaction limits as your business scales

Go from hours to minutes by using Invoices!

They are a great example of how business tools should serve to simplify your life, not complicate it.
Nas Arcayan
Nas Arcayan

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