Manage your funds in one place.

Track your financial data, get reports, and analyze cash flow all in one dashboard.

Simplify your business with straightforward cash flow management.

Reports & analytics
Download payslips, confirmations, and summaries easily.
Roles and permissions
Assign different levels of access to members of your team.
Save a company directory
Store details of your employees, customers, and suppliers.
Manage corporate cards
Manage corporate subscriptions, payments, and reimbursements digitally.
Role Access

Set up team roles and permissions.

You don’t have to manage your transactions alone. Assign team roles to help you manage who can handle company settings and authorize transfers.
Payslips AND Reports

Download reports for easy bookkeeping.

Accurately track cash flow by exporting payslips, invoices, confirmations, and reports in .pdf pdf and .csv formats.

Save contacts and bank details.

NextPay lets you store banking information so you don’t have to keep re-entering employee, customer, and business partner details.

Record their info into a directory for hassle-free transactions and notifications.

Get started for free.

NextPay only charges fees per transaction. Enjoy using our services WITHOUT the setup fees, maintaining balances, or management fees.