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We're always seeking bright and awesome team members looking to challenge the industry status quo and make an impact! 🙌
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Perks of the Job

Grow with a kickass team

We’re a company that knows how to build great customer-centric products. That means we value quality work, creativity, collaboration, and continuous growth. We make sure that our team members feel challenged and valued while continuously building on themselves and their careers.

Fully remote work setup

We’re a remote-first company and thrive on this working dynamic. When the pandemic concludes, we’ll still be mostly remote, with occasional in-person gatherings. No need to endure Metro Manila traffic, or long lines at ATMs during payday... because that’s literally one of the things we're solving!

MINIMUM + Unlimited PTO + HMO

Our team works hard which is why it’s important to take time off to rest and energize. Or sometimes, you need that quick trip to the doctor (or the vet). Either way, you get full HMO and unlimited paid vacation days with a MINIMUM days off requirement.

Stock options

While a standard in Silicon Valley, we’re one of the very few companies in the Philippines that want you to own a part of the company. This way, we all win together.

We have team pets!

Pets are a vital part of the team. We love animals, and have a variety of them show up during our meetings and grace us with their cuteness. Say hello to the NextPets!

Foodie Fridays, equipment, and allowances

You get Foodie Friday vouchers to enjoy with the rest of the team, as well as equipment and other allowances to help you do your best and tastiest work. Are you #teamcrispyfries or #teamsoggyfries?
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Hear it from the team!

NextPay is a remote-first fintech startup that is proud to have flexible workspaces all over the world. Here are some stories from our remote office!


Learning is such a core part of NextPay's culture—the team is never complacent, and is always hungry for ways to produce its best work while maximizing both its time and its resources.

Leaders are aware of the modern challenges faced by today's workforce and take steps to manage them. It is a company that encourages productive learning from mistakes and genuinely cares about helping its employees achieve their professional goals.

Marc Garcia
Product Manager


The work I do has meaning and purpose.

You are empowered to take ownership of the ideas you have and people encourage you to test things out. Talking to all types of businesses and helping out one MSME at a time allow me to make a significant impact in the financial landscape. I hope to help more business owners in the future.

Jar Funtano
Team Lead for Business Acquisition


NextPay gives me the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most talented people in the industry.

They make sure to provide me with the necessary resources and support to enhance my skills and knowledge as needed. And I get to work on challenging projects and gain experience in different aspects of UX design.

Juancho Crisostomo
UX Designer


NextPay provided me an avenue to apply theories I have learned in school to solving real business concerns and making a visible impact on society.

Working alongside seasoned and hard-working employees has helped me grow professionally and personally. They have exposed me to tasks and projects that were critical to the company. This environment taught me a deep sense of maturity and accountability as a young professional.

Ralph Cagalawan
Finance Operations Intern


This is a place where my efforts can serve something bigger than myself.

At NextPay, I am empowered to make decisions and given the opportunity to have ownership of my work. I'm not judged by my age or gender, nor by the limited knowledge that I have at the moment, but by my willingness to learn and contribute. Being here ignites my passion and hope in people.

Anna Sasaki
Lead Customer Delight Manager and Customer Support Team Lead


A lot of who I've grown to be is because of the knowledge and life realizations I've gained in this company.

Almost everything I know about HR today is because of the work I've done with NextPay and my teammates who have been incredibly helpful when I have questions about HR. But it feels like there's still so much to learn! I stay because there's still so much more we can do not only in our own teams, but also for growing businesses in the Philippines.

Aliesh Moreno
HR Associate

Work-life harmony

NextPay makes me feel like I could contribute more meaningfully, without sacrificing my health.

In both personal and professional perspectives, the company provides an experience for me to work with people with different backgrounds and expertise. I’m grateful of how they encourage us to also work on projects that we are passionate about. Working with NextPay provides me an opportunity to earn a living in the field of data science and still have enough time for my passion.

Jan Luis Antoc
Junior Data Analyst
(former Data Analyst Intern)


In NextPay I was able to work with cutting-edge tools and tech that fit our company's needs.

This is definitely something I have rarely experienced with other companies, where I had to use archaic solutions. I'm able to meet with teammates face to face to solve particularly more difficult issues. But honestly, I love working fully remote so I can spend time at home with my family for months. Unlimited vacations also give you peace of mind that you can rest when you need (or want) to.

John Paul Ada
Data Engineer
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