Build with the NextPay API.

Connect your tools to NextPay and build custom workflows to send or collect money.

Invoicing API

Build an integration to seamlessly collect payments from customers. Create your own invoices, track their statuses, and store customer information as needed.
Integrate in less than 30 minutes
Easy invoice creation
Save and edit customer information
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Disbursement API

Use NextPay’s API to transfer money to employees, suppliers, or customers without the hassle.

Reach any major bank or eWallet, and thousands of our remittance partners

Use just an email address and mobile number to send money to a recipient

Transfer to large batches of recipients in one go

Easy, quick transfers to single recipients

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Payment links API

Use our payment links API to easily collect one-time payments or even an unlimited number of payments from multiple customers.

Collect payments easily by creating payment links that you can send to one or multiple customers

Set your payment links to accept single, multiple or an unlimited number of payments

Use payment links for a variety of reasons such as collecting donations or payments where customers can input the amount themselves

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Send invoices, collect customer payments, and pay your employees and suppliers.
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