Pay and receive employee salaries instantly, easily and in bulk. Nice.

No multiple bank line-ups, corporate payroll accounts, and other ineffective methods of paying your employees.

Just one digital platform to pay them all.

These people are really happy thanks to NextPay!

Send money to any major bank in the Philippines


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It's super duper easy.

1. Set up your employees

Enter your employees’ information and their preferred bank accounts. You only have to do this once!

This step is even easier than the last.

2. Enter their NET salaries

Before payday, enter the total salaries you’ll be sending to your employees. Load your account with us and have it approved.

This step is as easy as copying answers to a test from a textbook.

3. Make payday easier

Once it’s all approved, send money to your employees on payday, digitally, and all at once. Easy!

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We know that paydays can be a pain in the ass.

As a small or medium sized business in the Philippines, our payment options to our employees are limited.

Banks allow us to have payroll systems, but there’s often a large minimum requirement. And even then, each employee is required to open up an account with the same bank as their employers'.

If corporate payroll accounts are not an option for you, then often times you have to pay your employees through writing cheques, lining up at multiple banks, or simply giving out cash–all of which are dated, ineffective, and time consuming methods.

NextPay makes it easier for you to pay everyone all at once, no matter what bank they use and prefer. Through our web platform, you’ll be able to manage and pay employees’ salaries easily, and with just the click of a few buttons.

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