Who Can Benefit from Nextpay?

August 11, 2021
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NextPay Editorial Team

The digital banking solution you need

Thanks to the advancement of technology, almost everything in life can be done digitally. We can book hotels, see our loved ones, order food, get a ride, and operate a business—all while plainly sitting in front of a screen. It’s kind of hard to believe that the world now works with nearly the entire population just tapping here and there to get something done.

One of the things affected by this innovation is banking transactions. With the birth of digital and online banks, we are no longer required to step foot into traditional banks just to send, receive, or manage our money. All these could be done at any time and any given place as long as you have a device that’s internet-enabled.

In the Philippines, a lot of traditional banks have also incorporated the idea of technology. Some of them adapted to the online platform, however, not all of them are successful at it.

Of all the digital banking platforms out there, what makes NextPay the perfect choice for your small business? Read on to find out.

Getting to know NextPay

We are an online banking solution that serves as an alternative for traditional corporate banks. We provide services that will help speed up and lessen the complexity of sending, managing, and receiving your business’s funds. It’s basically an all-in-one platform where you can guarantee the smoother and faster handling of your financial transactions.

Who can benefit from NextPay?  

NextPay benefits different business and careers

A lot of people are utilizing digital banks due to the convenience and efficiency that it brings. However, we are targeting particular types of audiences when it comes to its services.


A lot of people are buying and selling online these days, which shows the success of the e-commerce platform. Money tends to come in and out fast when you’re managing a business that is offering products. When it comes to banking, there’s no denying that e-commerce companies need a business banking platform that will help them collect money from different banks and e-wallets in the Philippines to be able to accept payments from all fronts.


A freelancer enjoying NextPay's benefits

We are the ideal bank for freelancers because they have different clients that pay them through different channels. It’s hard to keep track of the funds that come in when you go through more than one payment channel, plus the need to create invoices for the services you provide. Fortunately, all those transactions can be done through our user-friendly platform. Freelancers will find it convenient that they can generate and send an invoice with an option to pay found straight on the invoice. To take it a step further, NextPay allows you to remind your customers weekly, should they forget to pay you on your due date.


Companies and businesses falling within the MSME scope can really use our platform as an advantage with their financial management. These companies involve many workers and employees that have to be paid. We will make it easier for business owners to disburse the salaries of their workers. They can send payments anytime without having to go through lengthy processes or having to submit ridiculous requirements.


Startups working on their business while enjoying NextPay's benefits

Starting a business can be rough because there are far too many things to consider. But with us, startup businesses will have a lesser burden on their shoulders. They can easily manage their company funds and send and receive payments without a worry. They have more time to focus on expanding the business.

We are the fastest banking solution that will help heighten your business’s success. Start banking with NextPay, start growing your business.


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