Why Digital Banking Is Perfect For Managing Your Business During Holidays

December 1, 2021
by the
NextPay Editorial Team

Bring back the fun in Christmas

Oh, the holidays: the much-anticipated season of love, reunion, and of course, gift-giving. If you are planning to get last-minute gifts for your loved ones or are hoping to send your employees an early Christmas bonus, you need more than smart planning of your finances. Opt for reliable options where you can avoid the usual hassles brought about by traditional banking—because, yes, it is the stressful season of delays as well.

Christmas is nothing but fun in theory, but the reality is that it can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you have to visit your bank’s physical branch. Even the simplest transactions such as withdrawals can take a while to process. Some banks also close down for the holidays and won’t be back until New Year’s, so whatever holiday emergency it is that you need to pay for can wait till 2022.

On the flip side, there’s no need to keep torturing yourself during the holiday season when you now have digital banking alternatives right at your fingertips. Maybe you can give yourself and your business a little Christmas treat by setting up an account.

The holidays don't have to be such a hassle. Run your pre-Christmas errands with great ease by using a digital banking alternative.

How digital banking can help you survive the holidays

A digital bank can save you the trouble of having to adjust to the holiday schedule of traditional banks. Since it allows you to access your account online, you can conveniently send out and receive money anytime. Forget about waking up extra early to be at the front of a long, long line of customers waiting for the bank to open.

With a reliable digital banking solution, you can use your time wisely and spend your holiday the way you like to. You can even pay for your last-minute Christmas shopping without breaking a sweat!

Why waste your hard-earned holiday break by waiting in line for hours? Make life easier with digital banking.

Helpful tips for holiday digital banking

As much as traditional banks have come to be the norm for most people, digital banking simply takes the whole banking experience to a different, much simpler level. What better way to spend the holidays than stay stress-free?

To keep you in high spirits all season long, follow these tips and make the most of holiday digital banking: 

How to make the most out of the holidays? Opt for digital banking to make payment processing easier!

Be sure to track your finances. 

It’s great to buy stuff for your family and friends (and don’t forget yourself), but sometimes we can get carried away. Overspending is bound to be a problem later on, as soon as the party’s over. If you want to stick to your budget, make sure to monitor every outflow of your money. You can do this with a digital banking solution like NextPay.

NextPay’s dashboard allows you to have a bird-eye-view of the ins and outs of your money real time. This way, you can easily track every peso without wondering where it would go. Knowing how much you’re spending will also help you control your shopping. 

You read that right! Track every peso that comes in and out of your account with a digital banking solution.

Send, receive, and manage your funds in one place. 

Last-minute withdrawals or deposits can be a pain if your financial institution is closed for the holidays. Fortunately with NextPay, you can conveniently collect, send and manage your funds in one place. 

Don’t have a bank account? No problem! NextPay allows you to receive money through any of its remittance center partners nationwide. Business owners can now send money to their employees who don’t have a bank account, or do not have a bank near their area where they can cash out. 

Worry no more! NextPay is a digital banking alternative with reliable security systems that guarantee you a hassle-free experience.

Reduce the risk for fraud or theft. 

Holidays can make people extremely nice or naughty. People are aware that the holidays are special occasions where most become overly generous—which some take advantage of. Credit card fraud or theft grows quite rampant during this season, so it’s best for you to err on the side of caution. 

Having a digital bank account saves you from all these untoward incidents. NextPay has a built-in security and alert system, notifying you of every transaction being made using your account. No more abrupt runs to the nearest ATM booth to make a withdrawal! 

Have yourself a merry little Christmas with NextPay, your digital banking solution for the holidays!

Enjoy the holidays, the right way

The holidays are indeed an exciting time, especially for us Filipinos. Have a worry free one by ensuring all your business finances are in one place and tracked! It’s a lot easier do this by going digital. Switch to a reliable and complete digital banking solution now!

Convinced? Start your digital banking journey with NextPay today!

[UPDATE: We have temporarily disabled the Send Money to Remittance Center feature starting 05 August 2022, with no definite date yet of it going back online. Our Send Money feature to major banks and e-wallets is operating as per usual.]


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