Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Switch to NextPay

November 5, 2021
by the
NextPay Editorial Team

The birth of digital banking

Digital banks have certainly changed the banking game for businesses—with the birth of digital banking, these solutions have eliminated the usual hassle that comes with traditional banking that consumers and businesses have struggled with over the past decades. So what is a digital bank and how can companies experience smoother business operations with digital banking?

A digital bank allows users to send, collect, and manage money completely online—forget about having to deal with long lines and lengthy processing days just to do a bank transaction. As more digital banking solutions emerge from the market, different features and offerings also open up for small businesses as they try to establish themselves. While some provide extra perks and lower fees, others extend better security and user experience for businesses to enjoy.

If you own a business and have struggled with outdated processes associated with traditional banks, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. From manually processing paychecks to dealing with multiple bank accounts just to receive a payment, discover why many other businesses have switched to NextPay below.

Why you should switch to a better business banking experience. 

Digital modernization might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it certainly affected the world greatly. Software and apps were developed to help businesses operate faster and better. Thanks to these, valuable time, effort, and money are being saved. 

Business owners and employees alike are less burdened with the tasks they have to do and can maximize their resources to achieve their goals. However, your reach for success highly depends on your decision-making skills—such as choosing the right digital banking solution for your business. Check out these features and find out how they can help your business get to the next level:

1. Salary disbursement made simpler 

a person holding money for her small business banking account

Have you ever worked on a company payroll for extended hours or even days? Some of the great companies that we work with like PumaPodcast, Women’s Clinic Pilipinas, and ServeHappy all experienced the struggle of salary disbursements every month until they found a better and easier solution. Now, processing salaries only takes them 30 minutes compared to the countless hours and days lost regularly that could have been used for better things. 

2. User-friendly interface 

Tech and innovation shouldn’t be complicated, that’s why we make everything simpler for businesses that switch to NextPay. With User Experience at the core of our service, switching from traditional banking has never been easier. 

NEXPLAY Gaming is one of the companies that appreciate a user-friendly interface. An organized dashboard allows them to easily understand and use many features without any confusion. And if a user has questions, the support team is always ready to answer their queries. This way, they can accomplish their transactions faster and stress-free. 

3. Cost-efficient and convenient 

a person counting coins for small business banking account

We understand the importance of having cost-effective solutions. As growing businesses, being able to save money whenever possible can make or break a company. With NextPay, you not only save on time while minimizing effort, but you also save money because of our pay-per-use model where you only pay a small fee whenever you complete a transaction. Designed in a way so that users can freely do their transactions whenever and wherever—business banking has never been more convenient. 

4. Top-notch customer service 

Have you ever signed up for an online service but received the worst possible support? We know how it feels! Our account managers and support staff are dedicated to providing you with the support that you need. Reaching out to our team is easier with an online chat feature visible in the dashboard so you can get answers to your questions and provide feedback on how we can improve the service with ease.

5. Extensive banking services

a person using small business banking account

We’re more than just an easier way to do salary disbursement. You can receive payments faster with automated invoices with reminders, send payment links to multiple clients, and you can accept payments from the top banks and e-Wallets in the Philippines. Every Peso is also recorded along with analytics, where you can download payslips, confirmations, or reports that can help with accurate bookkeeping. 

Here at NextPay, we aim to be the most efficient and complete banking solution for small businesses. Our features and services are living proof of this. We want our system to make it easier for business owners to manage their finances in and outside of the office. Having a banking solution such as ours will help them focus on other matters of their company, leaving more room for success. 

So, what’s Next?

Banking may be complicated and stressful at times—but never with us. Our services are here to give small businesses a chance to thrive and expand their horizons. By having a dependable and complete banking solution, they can conduct their financial transactions conveniently and faster. 

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