The Future of Business Banking in the Philippines

July 14, 2021
by the
NextPay Editorial Team

The headaches of business banking

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head while working on your business finances? For some, it can be a pain to head out to the bank to process employee salaries or even cash out check payments. And for small businesses especially,  time is money.  That’s why maximizing your limited resources is important so that your business can have a chance to grow and eventually prosper. At NextPay, we make  it our mission to streamline the banking processes and make things easier for growing businesses.

We are dedicated to transforming small business banking by simplifying how you do business. From helping you set up your company payroll to sending automatic reminders for your invoices, we like to think that we take the headaches of business banking away from you. We've processed PHP 148M+ worth of payments for over 100 growing companies, and we’re looking to service even more. Made especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses, we’re the best alternative to corporate bank accounts -- don’t forget the high ADBs and strict requirements! Our promise is to help you put your money where it's ACTUALLY needed when signing up for NextPay.

What do we do, exactly?

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Through our robust platform, you can do a lot of things easier that you may have previously thought as tedious. First, you can manage salary disbursement for employees without the need for opening another bank account. This means your team doesn’t have to go through the process of filling up numerous forms and going to the bank to receive their salaries. This means significantly less routine paperwork on your end so you have more time working on collaborations, sales strategies- whatever it takes to push your business to the next level.  

On top of that, here are the other cool stuff you can do with NextPay:

  • Collect customer payments via digital invoices.
  • Store the account and contact details of employees, suppliers, and customers for to make disbursements and invoices faster
  • Send batch payments to suppliers, salaries, or reimbursements without worrying about daily transaction limits.
  • Allow easy payment for bills, utilities, and suppliers, as NextPay can connect and transact to almost any bank or e-wallet in the Philippines. 
  • Download payslips and reports that accurately track your cash flow for easier bookkeeping.
  • Painless and transparent payment approvals with our built-in maker-checker flow.
  • And soon, seamlessly integrate your financial operations with accounting tools and HRIS systems.

You can do all of these without having to wait in long lines at the bank, having to worry about your maintaining balance, or waiting time. All transactions made via our platform are secured and made in real-time.

What’s the catch?

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We love seeing small businesses grow, but we love it even more when we help them grow. So with that in mind, we only operate on a pay-per-use model -- this means you only pay when you use our services. So forget the setup costs (you can sign up for a free account right now!) and subscriptions fees when using NextPay. 

Online banking is the future, and we are at the forefront of the movement. Sign up today to get started. We’ve streamlined the process so you don’t have to submit a lot of ridiculous requirements to get started. You just need to create your account, tell us more about your business, and verify your business. Join NextPay today to take your business to the next level!


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NextPay only charges fees per transaction. Enjoy using our services WITHOUT the setup fees, maintaining balances, or management fees.