Secrets In Picking The Best Digital Bank For Immediate Growth

November 8, 2021
NextPay Editorial Team

Finding the best digital banking solution

Two decades ago, the dream of having convenient banking for freelancers and small businesses was merely a dream. Fast forward to today, every business owner is shopping around for the best digital bank that can save them time and money while offering top-notch security and management features. 

However, digital banking in Southeast Asia is relatively young, and there's still plenty of room for improvement. This technology only picked up in the last decade and many enterprises across the country are still in the dark about which provider to partner with for business.

We at NextPay, try to make this possible while also focusing on helping growing businesses manage their money at a lower cost. From a new freelancer trying to break new ground in his niche, to a previously unbanked small business trying to penetrate the online market, our digital banking features can surely help. 

Here's how:

You can track everything

One of the most challenging hurdles small businesses usually encounter is following transactions and the cash flow. Our platform enables freelancers and small businesses to gain access to their transaction logs for easier accounting. Due to popular demand, we recently rolled out a search feature that locates a transaction easily in case you want to get back or download them!

You can forget manual accounting with real-time transaction reports that let you easily monitor and manage your funds! 

We assure you of superb security

As FinTech continues to evolve, so do cybercrimes. That is why we continuously look for ways to strengthen and upgrade our security features. Our security onboarding features comprise Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, user permission management, a maker-checker process, and the advanced security mechanism that protects you from third-party intrusions.  

You can rest easy knowing that all transactions are done in the most secure way possible. Unknown transactions or log-ins? Our multi-authentication system automatically detects risks and protects you from any unwanted actions that could hurt your business.

1 platform to connect to other banks

Most businesses sometimes fail to appreciate how a digital banking solution organizes every aspect of financial management within one platform. At NextPay, we've got it all covered– from generating accounting reports and scheduling bill payments to providing seamless user experiences. 

If you're a business owner finding ways to pay your team and suppliers easily, you'll love our batch disbursement feature! With the lowest transfer fees in the market, disbursing money won’t hurt the bank. 

Accepting payments will also be a breeze if you're a freelancer. Collect payments on time with our invoicing feature with automated reminders to ensure payments are made on time and with ease!

Cashless, contactless, flexible

When looking for the best digital bank that would cater to your most pressing needs, go for those that put both convenience and security and good customer service on the top of their lists. The keyword you're looking for is 'flexibility,' which is what's in every NextPay feature.

With no need to go to your nearest bank branches to perform transactions, our digital banking solutions aim to improve your back-end business. Since the pandemic, cashless transactions have been the norm among many companies, yet our native digital offerings have been set up even before the health crisis. With that, you can be sure we're always one step ahead of providing flexibility for your business needs.  

Bank any time, anywhere

We also know that most startups, freelancers, and small businesses are into mobile nowadays. A small tidbit: 79% of smartphone owners have made online purchases at the height of the pandemic. 

However, don't be too complacent when choosing the right digital banking solution for your business, as mobile fraud is likewise on the rise. Recent reports show that from 2015 to the present, there has been a 600% increase in fraudulent mobile transactions. Worse, 89% of all recorded digital fraud are hacked accounts.

Fortunately, we have combined stringent security features with a first-class mobile user experience to make everything easier and safe. 

Let the experience speak for itself

As we pursue that 'best in business banking’ badge for small businesses, we let our clients speak out about their NextPay experiences. While some have labeled us as lifesavers, the king of UX, and the unparalleled alternative solution to business banking, among others, we want you to take advantage of our digital banking solutions and speak for yourself.

From top-of-the-line digital features, top-level security, flexible banking to the best user experience– we have designed a platform that puts the power of big banks in the hands of growing businesses.

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