How to Make Business Banking Stress-free with NextPay

August 11, 2021
NextPay Editorial Team

If you’re still handling your accounts payments manually or going through all the inconveniences of paying your business bills and disbursing salaries to your employees, you might want to check if you are still living under a rock. More importantly, you might want to start getting yourself acquainted with how digital business banking is boosting businesses these days so you won’t get left out.

Aside from improving financial efficiency and making everything that concerns accounting a walk in the park, digital business banking is now more secure than opting to mail in checks to your suppliers or hand over salaries in cash to your employees. Even if you work as a freelancer, online banking has become one of the most essential tools that will help you collect payments from your clients on time.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to crawl from under your rock and shift to digital banking, then these benefits from us probably can:

All you need in one digital banking platform

A person having all that she needs in a digital business banking platform

Not all online banking platforms have everything you need to run a business smoothly. We focus on what every small business needs to make their financial management processes easier and without room for errors or bottlenecks.

Through secure encryption protocols, you can send invoices, collect from customers, or pay your employees and suppliers on time without worrying about losing your money while on the information superhighway (that’s the internet if you haven’t crawled out of your rock yet). What you can expect is on-time payments and swift transactions minus a load of paperwork when you do things manually. Rather, you even get time to spare for your favorite TV series!

It’s just as if we bring the bank to you wherever you are so you can check your balances and move money anytime you need to. You can schedule payments, assign authorizations and opt for flexible payment channels in one user-friendly platform that makes digital business banking as easy.

You cut down on costs for premium financial services

You can cut costs with digital business banking

Our platform is designed for small businesses to grow while offering online banking solutions in a few clicks. Our team has come up with a more affordable way for you to manage and control your money matters by doing away with maintaining balances. Instead, we charge you only every time you use our platform, or what we call a pay-per-use model. This means, you have access to all dashboard features and benefits without having to go through a paywall or pay for any setup fees.

For basic small business banking management, you can collect payments that come with intuitive digital invoicing, get payroll and financial reports when you need them, send money through various payment channels, or get flexible payment options without breaking (or going to) the bank.

Your business gets top priority

A freelancer getting top priority from digital business banking with NextPay

With our objective to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), solopreneurs, freelancers and more, our platform functions as a fully equipped system that enables you to send trackable invoices, transact via different financial channels, and manage your overall accounts payable processes regardless of the business scale.

Gone are the days when only the blue-chip companies got to enjoy such banking services as we can offer small businesses the same level of security and reliability with our platform for a small fraction of your overhead budget.

With NextPay, you can simplify the way you handle your finances and set up your own account in minutes. From there, you can start organizing your finances and managing your business funds on a single platform and without drowning in or switching to other numerous apps.

Our built-in analytics tools track every peso you handle for easier cash tracking while delivering insights on your cash flow. Soon, we will also be integrating a human resources information system (HRIS) within the platform so you can handle company directories, employee financial records, and online correspondence vis-a-vis your financial operations more conveniently.  

Now, if you’re still asking why you should shift to digital business banking rather than stay with traditional do-it-yourself methods, that’s all up to you.

However, if you decide to ride the wave of digital transformation in business, then allow us at NextPay to introduce you to the true potential of your businesses and passion projects. We promise– you’ll never have to crawl back under a rock again.

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