How to Get the Best Digital Banking Solution for Your Business

November 5, 2021
by the
NextPay Editorial Team

Starting a business is one thing—running it successfully is another

When it comes to selling products or services effectively, there are plenty of things to consider. These include building a strong and efficient workforce, establishing goals, and having the right resources. 

Speaking of resources, businesses utilize various tools in improving their operations. One example would be the use of digital platforms. Since the world is transitioning into digital modernization, most companies are adapting to this type of change. This is because technology and the internet are bringing service quality to new heights. 

Read on to learn why and how a digital banking solution like NextPay can give your business a better banking experience. 

What is a digital banking solution and why is it important?

Banking transactions can be stressful. There are matters of collecting payments from clients, disbursing salaries to employees, and the overall monitoring of funds. Fortunately, digital banking solutions came into the light. 

These are systems that speed up the process of sending, receiving, and managing money. It does everything that a traditional bank can do—except, it is faster and more hassle-free. With the best digital bank solution, businesses will be able to do their financial transactions more efficiently and conveniently. 

How to experience better business banking with a digital bank 

Although traditional and incumbent banks have certainly made their mark, digital banks prove to be ideal for small businesses. 

Find out below how your business can enjoy better banking through a digital bank like NextPay: 

Create an account in 30min (or less!)

person setting up an account with the best digital banking solution

There’s no need to submit ridiculous requirements or set aside a hefty maintaining balance or pay for set-up fees. All you have to do is to input the needed details, upload needed documents, and await your verification (which won’t take long!). 

Here at NextPay, we made our system available for many types of business entities. Whether you are an NGO, Small merchant, professional, LGU, Cooperative, or a Foreign Entity, you can set up an account in 30min or less. 

Do payroll in less than 15min with batch disbursements.

Many companies complain about working on payrolls for long, agonizing days. However, the need to pay their people on time is always there. With a digital banking solution like us, we guarantee easier and faster salary disbursement. You only need to input your team's details one time. We store it in your directory, which makes it easy for your to-do payroll moving forward. Watch this video to see how easy it is to do disbursements.

Track and download invoices with ease

a laptop showing features of the best digital banking solution

Collecting payments from customers is essential in determining the sales of your business. With our trackable e-invoices, you can conveniently send out invoices to your clients and monitor their status in real-time. This is a faster and more accurate way of making sure that your client will pay for your products or services. If you are looking for past invoices, find them with ease by indicating the invoice number, customer name, email address, and more. You may download them too!

Improve customer experience with more payment options

We love our clients’ customers just as much as we love them. The customers are the ones that make a business boom, so giving them importance is essential. One way of doing it is letting them experience a convenient way to pay for your services. 

Our digital bank can send or accept payment from multiple channels such as e-Wallets, credit cards and direct debit. There’s no need to visit a payment center or make an over-the-counter deposit in a traditional bank. 

Flaunt your brand!

a preview of an invoice from a digital banking solution

They say brands are perceived by customers to be more credible if they have a nice-looking invoice. With NextPay, we take it a step further by letting you upload your company logo! Your logo appears on your payslips, invoices, notification emails, payment links, and reports. Your employees and customers will constantly be reminded of who you are. 


If you want your business to succeed, you need to gather the right people and the right resources. Maximize the factors that will help improve your operations and produce the best results. This means trusting a digital bank solution that will help you handle all your banking needs. 

For growing businesses, try us out! Our services are directed toward helping them grow and achieve success. Let us give you the best banking experience!


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