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Reduce the number of accounts and apps needed to manage your company funds. Get reports and analyze cashflow in just one place.
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Reports & analytics
Download payslips, confirmations, and summaries.
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Store details of your employees, customers, and suppliers.
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Assign different levels of access to members of your team.
Corporate cards
Manage the spending of different teams and departments.

Set up team roles and permissions.

Assign team members to authorize transfers or manage company settings. Simply send them an invite to create their own NextPay account.

Download reports for easy bookkeeping.

Accurately track your cashflow by exporting payslips, invoices, confirmations, and reports in .pdf and .csv formats.

Keep your own company directory.

With NextPay, you won’t have to keep re-entering details of employees, suppliers, and customers.

Save their info for hassle-free transactions and notifications.

Zero setup fees.

NextPay only charges per transaction. There are NO setup fees, maintaining balances, or management fees.

Do more with NextPay.

Send invoices, collect customer payments, and pay your employees and suppliers.
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