Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

We know the pain and difficulty you have endured to manage your company finances in the Philippines; from endless corporate banking requirements to managing multiple accounts or e-wallets just to receive money and pay your employees or suppliers.

The status quo is a mess, and NextPay was built to solve that problem. Our all-in-one banking solution will help you operate and scale easier by accepting payments, managing your money, and sending money to your employees and suppliers—no matter the bank or e-wallet. No more minimum balances, extra fees, ridiculous requirements, or long lines. Spend less time transacting and more time achieving your business goals.

You can start using NextPay within minutes. Sign up for an account today.

Through NextPay, you can centralize and simplify managing your growing company’s finances.

  1. Keep company money in one place

    Keep company and personal money separated. Through NextPay you can just store your money and spend it or cash out when you need to. There are no maintaining balances or setup fees.

  2. Send batch payments to suppliers or employees

    Securely pay suppliers, merchants, or employees in batches to any bank or eWallet they already use. Each recipient gets notified of the payment confirmation via SMS and Email. No more dealing with cheques, cash, and multiple manual methods of sending money.

  3. Receive money via trackable digital invoices

    Collect payments from your customers by generating simple digital invoices that can be tracked in real time. They can pay online via credit card, eWallet, bank transfer, or over-the-counter (coming soon!). Money collected will end up back in your NextPay account.

  4. Generate reports for easy bookkeeping

    Understand and track your company finances by generating downloadable reports for easier accounting and bookkeeping.

  5. Pay bills online (Coming soon)

    Soon, you'll be able to settle your corporate bills through our platform as well—from utilities to corporate phone bills to credit card fees.

We’ve made it flexible and affordable for growing businesses. So we only charge per transaction.*

  1. Sending money via Disbursements:
    1. PHP30 per PHP50,000 to a single recipient, to any bank or eWallet in the Philippines. (If you send PHP 55,000, the fee will be PHP60.)
    2. Transfers are sent almost instantly, depending on the recipient’s bank. Recipients receive an SMS and email confirmation for their records.
    3. You can send to as many recipients you want!
  2. Receiving money via Digital Invoice:
    1. PHP30 flat fee for Bank Transfer (Coming soon)
    2. PHP15 + 3.5% for Credit Card Payments
    3. PHP15 + 2.9% for GCash

*There are NO setup fees or maintaining balances.

*There are NO minimum or maximum amounts for sending or receiving money either.

*Depending on frequency and volume, we can customize a package for your company.

Getting started with NextPay is easy. Setting up is fast and free; there are no setup fees or maintaining balances. You only pay per transaction. To transact send money through NextPay you'll need to verify your business by providing legal documents.

    For Unregistered Businesses*
    • Valid photo ID
    • Proof of billing address (Utility bills, electricity, water, phone, etc., banking statements, or lease contracts are accepted)
    For One-Person Corporations
    • Valid photo ID
    • SEC Certificate of Registration
    • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
    • Duly notarized Secretary's Certificate
    • Articles of Incorporation
    For Corporations/Partnerships
    • Valid photo ID
    • SEC Certificate of Registration
    • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
    • Duly notarized Secretary's Certificate
    For Individual Proprietors
    • Valid photo ID
    • SEC Certificate of Registration
    • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
    • Duly notarized Secretary's Certificate
    • DTI Business Name Registration certificate

Verification takes 3-4 business days with all the right documents.

Businesses of any size and industry are welcome to sign up with NextPay. Our services accommodate anyone from solo freelancers and entrepreneurs to SMEs, startups, and online marketplaces. We all experience the same obstacles for managing our company finances, and that’s what NextPay is here to help you with.

You'll really love NextPay if you...

  • are an MSME, Freelancer, or Startup in the Philippines
  • are a foreign company managing a team in the Philippines
  • are sick of tedious and manual methods for managing company finances
  • need a place to collect and store money for your growing business
  • need to pay multiple employees and suppliers at different banks

You can invite your team members to manage your NextPay account. There are multiple levels of access and visibility, which also allows for a more secure maker-checker process.

Contact for help if you need more team members assigned.

Yes. NextPay is licensed with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). If you have questions or concerns please send them to