The Benefit of Digital Banking for Freelancers

June 8, 2021
NextPay Editorial Team

The life of a digital nomad in the Philippines

Some of the most common banking problems for freelancers in the country include inconveniences and delays in international payments, high charges in bank-to-bank transfers, and low exchange rates.

While the Philippines’ gig economy is thriving (we rank 6th as the fastest-growing market for freelancing in the global index), there are but a few alternative solutions for fast and efficient digital banking designed for freelancers. Having a trusted online bank that facilitates seamless collection and money transfer processes will surely help reduce the challenges of being a digital nomad. 

Freelancers are not strangers to digital technologies. Most of what they do concerns online processes one way or another. But many freelancers are still in the dark when it comes to digital banking and the whole ‘blockchain’ and ‘cloud system’ jargon that go with them. The good thing is that there are available financial technology or ‘fintech’ vendors out there who make every freelancer’s life easy when it comes to managing salaries, payments, and finances.   

NextPay is a revolutionary fintech company that helps with your online billing, collection, tracking, and overall financial management that’s secure, reliable, and fast. From those who sell merchandise online to freelancers who offer their professional services to clients, our fintech platform is every Pinoy freelancer’s online banking dream come true!  

And here’s why:

Money matters are efficient and swift

Person working efficiently with small business banking

First and most important of all, NextPay promises that you won’t lose your money or even scratch your head wondering where it went. Our platform’s online bill management is designed to help freelancers issue invoices, collect payments, and track their money without hassle, even with just a smartphone. 

Yes—efficient remote banking is one of our strong suits which truly makes us an ideal solution for Filipino freelancers. Receiving and sending money or paying your bills, you can do everything in a jiffy all within your dedicated dashboard.  

Make money matters more professional

Person looking more professional with small business banking

Gone are the days when freelancers struggled to dig up Google’s deepest corners for an online service that allows us to collect payments from international clients. With our integrated platform, conducting your freelance business regardless of what niche you’re in is so much easier and more legit!

Thanks to an efficient online payment portal, your clients won’t have to look for any other remittance app to send you their payments from abroad. Our platform also generates invoices and receipts so they can record the payments they’ve made throughout your contract and never have to worry about their money disappearing in internet limbo. 

You can receive payments from credit or debit cards

Accept credit or debit card payments with small business banking

We also enable you to collect payments for purchases made via credit cards. In the past, freelancers always tended to be privy about the ‘kaliwaan’ way of things. In today’s digital age, our platform gives your clients this option to settle what they owe before you submit your deliverables. 

You can document your money trail

Small business banking helps with documentation

Tracking your money is easy as pie through NextPay’s platform. If you are transacting with multiple clients, you can easily organize the invoices and receipts you issue which is thoroughly documented within the system. 

Via our platform’s digital money trail, you can do the proper checks and balances per client or customer with an always-ready reference of financial logs that you can easily access. 

By the way, another tip is that you can use these records when it’s time to sit down and do your taxes or create your budgets!  

These are just some of the many ways NextPay can benefit the country’s thousands of freelancers. If you are in a different line of work, an MSME, or a non-profit organization that needs efficient small business banking help, check out what else we can help you with here!

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